Jul 6, 2010

Malaysian SketchStar : Marcus Weiloon - A Bike For Lamborghini

Design by Marcus Weiloon.
Lamborghini Bike in collaboration with Lamborghini Italia.
The design has been presented to Chief Designer Lambo, Mr Filippo Perrini with Awesome feedback. Yes, DesignChef was there at that time.
The bike design was featured in Auto & Design Magazine issue Sept-Oct 2009

Weiloon's learning to dream. This year he celebrates his 10 years as a nomad leaving his footprint in Penang, Tokyo, Milano, Taipei and Shanghai. Bravo!

We wish more Malaysian to follow his success footsteps !

Avoiding Pedestrians With the Help of Lasers

A concept for a safer crosswalk projects a virtual barrier to remind drivers where and when to stop. Hanyoung Lee wants you to be seen. The South Korea-based product designer devised a prototypical warning device to prevent pedestrian strikes along roadway crosswalks. It's called the Virtual Wall, a visual barrier created from plasma laser beams. The system casts larger-than-life images of pedestrians in eye-grabbing red across the roadway, at a location where such peds are likely to be crossing.

source : popsci.com

Cubebot, For Gundam Nerds.