Jun 15, 2010

Car Styling Magazine stop its printed version !

Kaneko Enterprises Company ceases production of the famous design magazine Car Styling, which this year celebrated 35 years.

The final release will be in July, with serial number 196. Booking has already been accepted. Kaneko Enterprises agrees to return the money paid for a subscription before the end of July, and the magazine Car Styling will move this summer in the online mode with the same exclusive design articles.

Well it's a sad news for the design enthusiast who used to collect them.

Site Address: www.carstylingmag.com

Audi A8 Interior Exterior Design

New Audi A8 - it is the sportiest sedan in its segment, - said Rupert Stadler, chairman of Audi AG. - It features a new, robust concept of using multiple functions. And in terms of style and trim the car has no equal.
Germans continue to tirelessly promote a new generation of its flagship sedan, although the car has already received a lot of criticism at his own expense.

We consider the voluminous collection of sketches and drawings brand Audi A8: below you will see the sketches and exterior and interior with the study of small details.