Jun 30, 2010

USM and UNITEN triumph in Perodua Eco-Challenge 2010

Back in February, Perodua donated one unit of the Viva plus RM10,000 seed money to each of the engineering departments of the participating institutions, which included Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah (PSAS), Universiti Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia France Institute (UniKL-MFI), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Politeknik Ungku Omar (PUO). The other institutions are Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Universiti Industri Selangor (Unisel) and Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

source : Paultan.org

Jun 27, 2010

BMW 0 Series, is that you?

If BMW intends to go downmarket any further, which seems likely considering that the automaker has already confirmed it will offer a front-wheel drive model under its own badge, there's only one model designation available: 0 Series. And by all accounts, it's on the way soon.

Intriguingly, BMW may be offering a few hints as to what we should expect from the new entry-level model. In a new video released for its Innovation Days in Asia, the automaker prominently displays a series of still images that may very well be early sketches of the upcoming 0 Series.

Assuming for a moment that we are indeed witnessing the new Zilch, we like what we see. Deeply sculpted sides, a nicely sloping rear hatch and large, vertically oriented kidney grilles indicate a design language that's suitably differentiated from current rear-wheel-drive BMWs. And it looks pretty dang good !

Source: Autoblog.nl

Jun 24, 2010

Lada Samara Diva transformed into life-size robot

If comically obscene and offensive ghettofied twin robots aren't your thing – and we certainly hope they are not – allow us to introduce you to a transforming automobile that is in much better taste. Designer Nikola Nikolov took his first car, a Lada Samara Diva, cut it apart and welded it all back together to form the finished product you see here.

The artist describes his created as standing "in a position of ready surprise. He is in the moment between knowing what he was and knowing what he has become." No, we're not quite sure what that means either. Regardless, we think this 6.5-foot-tall, 200-pound robot statue is pretty darn awesome.

source : autoblog.com

Jun 23, 2010

The Future of Green Architecture: A Floating Museum

Physalia is a vessel, 100% self sufficient in energy, whose bionic structure is inspired from the pneumatophorous called also “Physalia physalis”, from Greek physalis that means “water bubble”! As this aquatic pneumatophorous, the project is relevant by its perfect symmetry, its oblong shape and its translucent aspect. It is a sum-up of the nature and the biotechnologies dedicated to navigate on the main extra-European rivers between Danube and Volga, between Rhine and Guadalquivir, or also between Euphrate and Tiger. It is a poetic invitation to travel, a sensory experience for the transdisciplinary research, geopolitical debates, popular pedagogy and therefore for the emergence of an ecologic avant-garde on the water theme. It is a charismatic place, an abstraction of landscape opened on the world and mixing the European cultures through an innovative special assembling. It is a ecosystem reacting to its environment, a fragment of living earth, inviting the fauna and the flora of the fluvial biodiversity to come and make its nest in the city!

source: Vincent Callebaut Architecture

Jun 22, 2010

Why Walk Though a Museum, When You Can Drive?

Not just any car museum. A drive-through car museum. The proposed building, by Francesco Gatti of Rome and Shanghai, looks exactly as it should -- like a glorified parking garage. Visitors cruise up a ramp that encircles the exhibition space (see above) until they reach a top-floor lot. From there, they descend by foot into the core of the museum. With glass every which way, everyone and everything is self-consciously on display: the motorists, the pedestrians, and, oh yeah, the cars. It's like a Saturday night on Sunset Boulevard.

source : fastcompany.com

Jun 18, 2010

Jason Castriota - Chief designer of Saab !

Saab Automobile announced the appointment of Jason Castriota as its new Design Director, reporting directly to Saab Automobile CEO Jan Åke Jonsson. He and his design team will be responsible for exterior and interior design and will lead the design activities at Saab as the brand renews and broadens its product range. “I’m greatly looking forward to joining such an iconic brand,” said Castriota who once worked in the Italian design studio, as Bertone and Pininfarina. “Saab has a very strong and distinctive heritage which gives it great potential to develop. This is an exciting opportunity for me to help shape its future products.


C A L L - F O R - E N T R I E S

Seoul Design Foundation together with designboom promotes an international design competition. Participation is open to applicants from every country in the world,
to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts. Free registration required.

Once considered a 'hard' city, Seoul is making strides toward becoming a 'soft'city.
Seoul is about to be reborn as a soft city by embracing design concepts that will redefine its urban environment with an emphasis on themes centering on green, blue, history and human. The Seoul Cycle Design Competition will be held under the theme, 'cycling with design: seoul style,'and is part of Seoul’s city-wide effort at improving its design brand and image. The primary goal of the competition
is to help build a design orientedcity that focuses on its people. the competition is divided into three categories:

Cycle design, cycle fashion & accessories design, and cycling infrastructure. all three categories emphasize environment-friendly ideas, with the hope that the contest will contribute to establishing a healthiercycling culture.

Cycles have become an icon of 'eco-friendliness' and 'healthiness,' and are part of a major urban lifestyle trend. Nearly everyone can enjoy riding cycles; therefore, just about everyone will be able to enter the competition. Through this competition we hope that all citizens will have the chance to share their own personal visions for a new Seoul, a city that has embraced change through design. We invite everyone who is interested in cycling and design to take part in the Seoul Cycle Design Competition.

April 2010
CEO, SeoulDesign Foundation

sources : designboom.com

BMW CS Mille Miglia - Design Image Story

Inspired by the 1940 Bmw 328, the basic design of the Concept Coupé was interpreted in a modern manner. The BMW Concept Coupé Mille Miglia 2006 pays homage to the skills, successes and the visions of the motor sports pioneers of the past, created by its modern successors. The Concept Coupé's design "provides hints of design and function opportunities, which can be made practical for series production vehicles used only in the far future."